Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just hanging out.

Aren't we the two most precious boys you have ever seen? This is my cousin, Bailey. We are watching what is going on in the kitchen.

Boy, life is tough.

If I lay here long enough, do you think someone will come feed me? Oh, what the heck. I give up. Maybe I have already eaten.

The grandson came to Houston. I ran off with all of his pacifiers. They had to go out and buy new ones about three or four times. Maybe they should have learned to keep them out of my reach

I never understand it. When I want to go to sleep no one will leave me alone. Lights, camera, action. I want to take a nap!

How could I get in this much trouble

What happened to this bathroom. I am far too cute to have made this mess. Why blame me. They left the bathroom door open.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Does this Look Like Love to You

And they said they loved me. Does this look like love? Well let me tell you one thing; the ears were minor compared to my next operation. We won't even discuss that one.